Wrist pain can create an uncomfortable feeling which makes it unable to perform daily activities. The joints in the wrist are delicate and are subject to severe injury if the pain is not treated accurately. For proper treatment, it is essential to identify the underlying cause and make a proper diagnosis.

People often experience pain in their wrists because of excessive work such as writing for a long time or injury from any activity such as exercise or training. The pain creates discomfort, which can also lead to some serious and dangerous situations. So, it is important to find the underlying cause of wrist pain.

The deposition of crystals in the wrist joint can cause much pain and result in swelling, stiffness, and unbearable pain. Medications are an effective gout treatment. Avoiding foods that can produce more uric acid. If the pain subsides, do choose the Best Doctor in Dubai to get it checked.

Proceeding with activities that require constant use of the wrist can aggravate the condition. Even a simple activity such as holding a glass of water can become a huge task. It is necessary to find a treatment for treating this pain to proceed with your activities.

The wrist is a complex body area, so that the pain diagnosis can be a real challenge. After diagnosing the problem, look for treatments that suit your condition well.

Below are mentioned some of the causes of wrist pain. With ways through which you can treat this condition:

Causes Of Wrist Pain

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Wrist pain can be due to several causes and reasons. Following are some of the common causes of wrist pain:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The wrist is a major site for several joints, muscle groups, bones, tendons, arteries, veins, and nerves. Out of all these, an important nerve such as the median nerve is the primary cause of the problem. It passes through a particular area which is the carpal tunnel, which is of significant importance. The nerve often gets compressed, which causes pain, numbness, and tingling in the area.

The pain is on the anterior, which is the front side of the palm. Carpal tunnel syndrome involves many signs and symptoms such as weakness in the hand, difficulty gripping, pain in fingers and thumb, burning in hand, etc. It is one of the most common neuropathy conditions that the majority of the population has to face.

Carpal tunnel syndrome needs to be treated quickly, or it can permanently damage the median nerve. The condition can occur due to repetitive movement of hands, swelling in hands, or edema, to name a few. Cold compression, working with safety, or using medications are treatment techniques for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Injury

Any injury to the wrist can become a source of severe and shrilling pain in the wrist. The pain might occur in joints, muscles, or the bones of the wrist. Wrist injuries are one of the primary reasons for wrist pain. Everything is categorized as wrist injury from fractures to sprain in the muscles or experiencing a severe fall and can have severe consequences.

Sportspersons or people performing exercises are more likely to be a target of developing wrist injuries. Other causes of wrist injuries include accidents, any problem in the area, extensive use of wrist muscles, or most commonly, performing those exercises which require wrists in a wrong technique.

The best tip to avoid wrist injury is to warm up before exercises or use protective tools such as compression garments or wrist strengtheners. In case of accidents and falls, the best choice would be to rest the wrist.


Physicians describe gout as a most painful pain in the joints. It is categorized under arthritis. The development of small, painful crystals in the joints distinguishes this condition from arthritis. Gout can affect anyone in their life, and men have more chances of developing it than women.

The crystals are formed because of uric acid, which the body produces due to various chemical reactions. Kidneys excrete the excess of uric acid, but often uric acid gets stored in the body and turns into gout. According to research, the incidence of gout has increased much in recent years.

The deposition of crystals in the wrist joint can cause much pain and result in swelling, stiffness, and unbearable pain. Medications are an effective gout treatment. Avoiding foods that can produce more uric acid.


Arthritis is painful joints and bones. The condition is more prevalent in women than men. Women who are in their older age are more prone to develop this condition. The pain in joints creates an uncomfortable feeling and requires immediate treatment or therapy. If quick treatment is not given, the pain can progress much.

The causes of arthritis have a past family history, using certain medications, obesity, and age. The arthritis of the wrists can become a major problem in performing your different activities. Wrist arthritis is quite common and can occur at any point in life.

Arthritis has different types and can be a big problem for your health. It is important to look for different options and treatment strategies to deal with the disease.

What Symptoms To Look For?

Wrist pain can be due to several reasons, and so it is very important to look at the signs and symptoms. Identifying relevant signs can help in diagnosis and then prescribing proper treatment. Some of the signs for wrist pain are:

  • Experiencing warmth in the wrist joints
  • Constant tingling in wrist or palm
  • Swelling in wrist and palm
  • Pain in fingers and thumb
  • Redness in the wrist area
  • Numbness in hand
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Sharp and constant pain in the hand

Diagnosis Of Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is diagnosed with a physical exam, usually where a doctor checks for different sensations. MRI, CT scans, and ultrasounds are another way to find the underlying cause of wrist pain. In the case of gout, blood tests are a primary diagnostic tool. The accurate diagnosis then further helps in solving the problem with appropriate treatment.

Treatment Of Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is treatable, and many useful and practical treatment strategies are available that will alleviate the pain. Some of these solutions are:

Natural Ways

In case of swelling, natural ways such as warm or cold compression can help much. Another way to treat wrist pain is to give enough time to rest and relax. A break from daily activities can be very effective. Icing is another way to reduce inflammation in the wrist joints.

compression sleeve


NSAIDs and corticosteroids are the first-choice treatment for arthritis. In case of other causes, taking a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory drug would help much. It is necessary to see a doctor and take proper medication if the pain does not subside.


Therapy works best during extensive or prolonged periods of wrist pain. Certain exercises can also help in dealing with wrist pain. Using wrist and forearm developers can also help in managing extreme pain and strengthening your wrist muscles.

Wrist Splint

A study conducted on wrist arthritis concludes that wearing a wrist splint can help in reducing wrist pain. Using a splint for dealing with wrist pain of any origin will be effective and useful.

How To Avoid Wrist Pain During Exercise?

Exercise can be a common reason for wrist pain. So, it is important to ensure that you are doing your exercises in the right way. Some of the important tips that will help you in avoiding exercise-induced wrist pain are:

Wrist Exerciser For Strength

Using a wrist exerciser helps in increasing the flexibility of the wrists. The tool also helps in reducing the risk of injury and improves the blood circulation to the wrist muscles. You can also work on your grip by using a tool that enables you to perform many other exercises without any chance of wrist pain.


Compression Garments

Compression garments work in the recovery of muscles and are a great addition to your daily exercise routine. Even if you have any injuries, these arm sleeves will heal them in a very short time and will enable you to perform better.

Do The Right Technique

Doing the right technique while doing exercises is very important. If you follow a wrong pattern, the chances of injury increase, and you become more prone to develop them. It is better to take help from a fitness trainer in understanding the right technique.

Strengthen Your Forearm Muscles

A forearm workout tool will work in developing strong muscles of your forearm. The strength in the muscles will then work to eliminate the risk of any injury and make you much better in your exercises.

Focus On Using Right Equipment

Using equipment that does not work for you should be avoided at all. Not doing that can lead to many serious risks. Make sure that you are familiar with the equipment you are using.


The diagnostic process of wrist pain can be extensive, but it will make sure that you identify a relevant cause. It is important to follow an effective treatment plan in case of wrist pain, as it is not wise to have any negligence in this aspect.

Some exercise techniques are a common reason that will make you prone to a wrist injury. In such cases, it is necessary to correct and simplify your technique. If the pain persists, it is better to rest for a few days or use equipment like a hand exerciser or compression garment to avoid further damage.

If the cause of pain is some medical reason, then consult a physician and opt for medications.


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