Jason Stathams 7-Day Workout Plan For A Scene-Stealing Physique

This workout was structured specifically for Jason Statham at a certain point in time to account for his goals, his lifestyle and his conditioning level. So, this isn't necessarily Jason's current training programme, but rather a snapshot of one week in a much longer progression of training. Jason's regimen is continually manipulated in order to account for the many outside

Will My Body Shape & Lift If I Just Use A Barbell? These 6 Moves In 1 Workout Will Achieve This

Slowly but surely, women are taking over the weight room. They're realizing that, no, lifting weights doesn't make you bulky—and there are some serious mind-body benefits to picking up the heavy weights. But even if women are conquering their fear of the weight room, it doesn't necessarily mean they're taking full advantage of everything in there. Dumbbells and kettlebells are a bit more approachable. But

Did You Know That You Can Make Full Body Gains Using Just A Dumbbell? This Workout Will Show You How

If you use dumbbells smartly they can be your secret weapon in adding lean mass to all your major muscle groups. The beauty of this five-move dumbbell circuit is that it’s both easy to follow and quick to do. And because it only requires a single dumbbell, you don’t even need to brace the winter weather to get your workout

How Can I Make Key Moves More Explosive? By Utilising These Power Moves In Your Next Workouts

Your favourite bodybuilders, yes those guys, managed to think of exercises that really push growth and strength! Every variation of a curl, press, pull – you name it – was the thought of some bodybuilding enthusiast‘s imagination. We’ve compiled a list of moves named after legends of weight lifting that will make key moves way more powerful. You’ve probably heard

What Exercises Build Your Traps? Only The Most Effective Ones Listed Here!

Your biceps and triceps might be popping, but big arms are nothing without some bulging traps muscles to support your upper muscles. Your traps are muscles that add an instant air of dominance, power, and masculinity to your physique. And when it comes to building them, there are three key factors you need to implement. Building mass and strength in your

Are Resistance Bands Effective For Building Muscle? They Are! 14 Full Body Moves Right Here

At the height of lockdown, when gyms were shut, many of us discovered the power of the resistance band. These humble strips of rubber don't get much play when you've got a full set of weights and machines to get stuck into, but it turns out they can actually provide a beneficial workout, from the comfort of your own home.

6 Incredible Yet Tough Exercises That Build Immense Amount Of Muscle

You should never feel humiliated in the gym. You should work out in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and motivated. That being said, there are some awkward exercises you wouldn’t be caught dead doing in the midst of a crowded weight room. Each exercise has a strategically matched superset exercise to maximise your results. Whether you want to incorporate a