Does Working Out Burn Sugar in the Body

Exercise and physical activity have numerous health benefits, and one of the common questions that arise is whether working out burns sugar in the body. It depends on various factors like the type of exercise, intensity, duration, and the individual's metabolic state. When you engage in physical activity, your body primarily uses two sources of energy: glucose (sugar) and fat.

How Sports Boost Students Academically

Is there anything more frustrating than being stuck in a low-scoring test game? How about seeing your easily distracted neighbour cramming for the AP Calculus exam or learning how to write an essay fast? You might not be able to relate if you were always a mathlete, but for the rest of us, it can be easy to feel like

The Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements For Muscle Growth

Pre-workout supplements are designed to help increase your performance by boosting energy, power, and stamina. They’re generally taken about half an hour before your workout, and the benefits include improved muscle strength, cognition, lean gains, and endurance. To better select the optimal shake for before your workout, consider what your goals are. Taking a pre-workout consistently can help maximise its

Struggle With Push-Ups? We’ve Got an 8-Week Workout To Master This Move

If you’re already doing pushups on the regular, you probably also know that the struggle can be real. Whether you're new to this move, struggling, or already doing it in your routine, then these moves are great for you to learn or just improve! Push-ups are more than an upper-body strengthening exercise: They tone your chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and