This Workout Uses Only 2 Moves To Burn Fat And Feel Great

Training with kettlebells is a really effective way to build power and burn serious calories at the gym. That's why we designed this two-move, fat-burning kettlebell workout around the most classic kettlebell exercise: the swing. You’re working everything from grip strength to core strength, to your booty and backside. Not just that, but there is no ‘downtime’ during the kettlebell

Sculpt Your Physique With This Supersets-Based Total-Body Hourglass Workout

Whether you want to add curves or streamline your own, this plan offers the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and cardio. The goal is to build a functionally strong, symmetrical, feminine body while creating curves. This workout is created especially for women and will make you strong, not boxy! This hourglass program has three main points of focus: building the hamstrings and

9 Moves To Speed Your Metabolism & Help You Slim Down In Just One Month

High-intensity plyometric moves, like the ones in this plan, target several muscles simultaneously and keep your heart rate elevated the entire time you’re exercising. Result: You burn more calories and fire up your metabolism long after the workout is over. These explosive movements require almost no equipment, either, so you can work up a sweat no matter where you are. Check out the plan, workouts,

Stick To This 30-Day Challenge – You’ll Feel Stronger, Tighter & More Toned

You either love them or you love to hate them (we're talking about burpees), and most people fall into that latter camp. But before you go writing off burpees altogether, try this workout and decide for yourself. The burpee is one of my favorite full-body movements there is when it comes to kinesthetic awareness, basic strength, and cardiovascular output. When

Work Your Thighs With This 10 Move Thigh Toning Workout

Looking for more ways to work your thighs than endless squat and lunge variations? It’s your lucky day. While you may already know spot toning doesn’t really work, you can turn to certain moves that target your inner and outer thighs for some extra TLC. These creative moves, work your thighs in ways you didn’t know were possible. (But don’t psych yourself out—while they may

Lifting Heavy Is Great—But You Only Need 10 Bodyweight Exercises For Strong Legs

A lot of us see time, money, and space as an obstacle to getting in a workout. But bodyweight training is cheap, and you really don't need much room. With these bodyweight leg exercises, in particular, you can also sidestep injury by strengthening typically weaker muscle groups, like the hamstrings and glutes. While strength training might sound synonymous with lifting

8 Calorie Blaster Moves To Shape A Round Booty & Build Muscle

Maybe you haven’t thought about it at all, but you’ve certainly noticed every person has a different butt—whether it be the shape, size, or what have you. So why should your workout be one-size-fits-all? You're certainly not, and that's completely normal! This high-intensity circuit is designed to whip your bottom into top shape. All of the exercises are great for sculpting a