Sculpt Your Physique With This Supersets-Based Total-Body Hourglass Workout

Whether you want to add curves or streamline your own, this plan offers the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and cardio. The goal is to build a functionally strong, symmetrical, feminine body while creating curves. This workout is created especially for women and will make you strong, not boxy! This hourglass program has three main points of focus: building the hamstrings and

5 Combination Exercises You Have To Try For A Toned Body

Crunched for time? Don't skip your strength-training—downsize it. By doing exercises that simultaneously target the muscle groups in your abs, butt, legs, back, and chest, you can spend less time sweating and still get the firming benefits of a full-length workout. Combination exercises that hit multiple body parts are great for all-over body shaping because your muscles are constantly working.

8 Calorie Blaster Moves To Shape A Round Booty & Build Muscle

Maybe you haven’t thought about it at all, but you’ve certainly noticed every person has a different butt—whether it be the shape, size, or what have you. So why should your workout be one-size-fits-all? You're certainly not, and that's completely normal! This high-intensity circuit is designed to whip your bottom into top shape. All of the exercises are great for sculpting a

5 Dumbbell Exercise Upper-Body Workout for Sculpted, Strong Shoulders

Toned shoulders make women look attractive. Open and relaxed shoulders create an illusion of a smaller waist and make you look confident. Moreover, shoulder exercises help correct posture, strengthen the shoulders, and reduce the risk of shoulder pain. Hence, it is important for women to do shoulder exercises irrespective of their age, fitness, or profession. Summer is all about tank