6 Incredible Yet Tough Exercises That Build Immense Amount Of Muscle

You should never feel humiliated in the gym. You should work out in an environment that makes you feel comfortable and motivated. That being said, there are some awkward exercises you wouldn’t be caught dead doing in the midst of a crowded weight room. Each exercise has a strategically matched superset exercise to maximise your results. Whether you want to incorporate a

14 Do-Anywhere Total Bodyweight Workout Moves To Keep Strong And Healthy

Your living room makes a convenient gym. There are no membership fees. There’s just you and just enough floor space. But is a workout at home one that can get you in ripped-and-ready-for-the-world-without-a-shirt shape? Without question. Home workouts become real sweat sessions when you turn off the television, crank some motivational tunes, and give it your all. No matter how

The Perfect 20-Minute 3 Interval HIIT Workout You Can Squeeze in Anywhere For Maximum Gains

HIIT workouts are still some of the most popular for one simple reason: they work! By performing quick bursts of high-intensity movements with all-out effort, followed by short periods of rest, you can torch calories and sculpt lean muscles in a relatively short amount of time. One of the big benefits of HIIT is the ability to maximise caloric output during

The Muscle-Building Home Resistance Band Workout That’s As Effective As Lifting Weights

The elastic exercise band tends to get lumped in with the corner not being used as it's the so-called “wussy” equipment, while the barbell and dumbbell are beyond reproach. But this isn’t a fair judgement, especially if you’re using them with the correct workout. What bands provide that no other equipment (except cables) can is accommodating resistance. Take the push-up,

The 10-Minute Bodyweight Workout That Will Keep You Strong And Lean

This bodyweight circuit is quick, but tough. If there’s one thing we know about working out, it’s that the routines definitely don’t have to be long to be tough—and the proof is right here!  Don’t let self-isolation hold you back from your summer body! It’s important to take the time to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy. Here’s a full-body

I Only Have A Backpack To Train With, Will This Build Muscle? Add Weight To The Bag And You’re All Set To Grow!

If you’re self-isolating at home, well done! But just because you are indoors, doesn't mean you can't train and maintain your gains. By using simple household items, you can still workout and get those gains. If you don’t have weights at home: Use a loaded internal-frame backpack for resistance to help build strength. Weighted backpack workouts are great for building