Plank Exercise More Efficient Than Crunches

Did you know that the plank is more efficient than crunches? Not only will you gain a flatter, defined core, but you will also improve your posture and strengthen your back! Planks target multiple muscles including: Abdominal. Trapezius. Biceps & triceps. Glutes. Obliques. The traditional crunch, once a recognised and highly implemented ab exercise, is now being replaced by the

6 Beneficial Beginner Core Exercises To Start Your Journey To A Flat Sculpted Core

Whether you’re getting back into fitness or you’re just starting training, developing a solid core will increase your stability and balance. You’ll be able to perform more advanced moves with confidence as you regain your strength and it will help build and stabilise more advanced exercises. Maybe you aren’t in shape to get down and perform 50 crunches, but you’re not ignoring your core either.