One activity that many individuals choose to engage in is working out. Being physically fit is the main justification. Athletes have been cautioned against engaging in a few activities, though. Among them is smoking. However, the development of vaping has raised many concerns among athletes about whether it is safe and wise to vape. The findings indicating vaping is an even safer and healthier alternative to smoking support this trend. Accordingly, athletes are now asking a relevant question: what are some good vape mods from ePuffer? Why shouldn’t athletes smoke? Should athletes vape? Let’s explore some answers below.

Reasons Smoking Is Not Recommended for Athletes

Smoking has a negative impact on three organs in particular, which is why it is bad for athletes to smoke. The heart, blood, and lungs are these organs. In essence, these three organs are essential for exercise and maintaining physical fitness. If any of them is not working properly, it hinders your ability to exercise as an athlete.

  •         The lungs: The lungs both supply the body with oxygen, which gives you energy and eliminate carbon dioxide, which is a waste product produced when you make energy. Your body needs more oxygen and creates more carbon dioxide while exercising because your muscles work harder. This means that in order to meet the needs for oxygen when exercising, your lungs must be functioning at their best. Tar, a toxic substance that is inhaled when someone smokes, covers the lungs and makes the air sacs less elastic. This ultimately results in less oxygen being supplied.
  •         The heart: The heart’s function during working out is to pump oxygen-rich blood to the muscles being exercised. Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen taken up by the heart, making your heart work harder to provide you with enough oxygen and nutrients while you exercise.
  •         The blood: Your heart, muscles, and other organs receive oxygen from your blood while you exercise. You cannot exercise successfully if your body does not have adequate oxygen. Smoking releases carbon monoxide, a hazardous substance that lowers blood oxygen levels.

Do Athletes Have a Better Option in Vaping?

Given a few things, vaping is a preferable choice for athletes. Let’s examine the following factors.

  •         Vapor production: An atomizer, a power source like a battery, and a container like a cartridge or tank are all used in vaping to create the vapor that is inhaled. It does not fill your lungs with tar, a dangerous chemical that harms the health of your lungs, because there is no smoke creation associated with it. Additionally, vape juice does not include many other dangerous compounds in cigarettes that impact the body.
  •         Options for nicotine: Nicotine is a stimulant that makes you more energetic and resilient while working out. You get more energy when you need it thanks to its use in vape juice. However, nicotine has the potential to be dangerous to your health over the long term. Because nicotine-free e-liquid is readily available, vaping is preferable to smoking when working out.


Purchasing high-quality vape juice is crucial. This is because low-quality vape juice might contain dangerous substances that can cause asthma and allergies. You do not have to worry about these issues with vape juice from a reliable brand.