Meet your weight loss training buddy: fruit. Not only does fruit have the sweetness you’re craving, but unlike processed treats, it boasts plenty of nutrients as well. No wonder some people call it Mother Nature’s candy.

When it comes to losing weight, a big challenge for many people is giving up dessert, which is seemingly ubiquitous. Maybe your coworker brought donuts in for the team or candy bars seem to beckon you from the grocery checkout aisle. And, well, when the holidays roll around, all bets are off. It’s like an obstacle course for your goal setting.

Fruit is a healthy addition to your weight loss plan. When you’re trying to lose weight, an important aspect is feeling full for longer, but also enjoying what you eat — that’s a huge part of sustainable, healthy weight loss. Here’s a look at some top choices, along with ideas on how to enjoy them if you’re looking to maintain your weight or simply do your body some good.




  • Apples are high in fiber but low in calories, which, like many fruits, makes them a wise food choice if you’re trying to lose weight.
  • We recommend topping your favorite salad with apple slices, dipping them in Greek yogurt as a snack, or adding them to oatmeal for natural sweetness.

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  • Because of their sweetness, raspberries can help satisfy a sugar craving.
  • These offer fiber as well as antioxidants, which combat harmful substances called free radicals in the body.
  • Though raspberries make good additions to salads and yogurts, too, these make a great snack on their own.
  • Take a break, have a handful, and eat them slowly.
  • You’ll boost your mindful eating, plus get your sweetness.

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Whole Oranges:

Whole Oranges


  • A medium-sized orange provides 3.14 g of fiber, or 11 percent of your DV.
  • But that only applies if you’re eating the fruit itself, so keep this in mind if you’re eating to trim your waistline.
  • Whip up an orange salsa and use it to top chicken breast or fish to get your vitamin C and protein fix.
  • Making sure you keep up with your protein requirements is a good strategy for weight loss.

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  • Talk about a major sweetness superhero — mangoes offer that no-sugar fix you want, and they can even help improve your metabolism and lower inflammation.
  • After cutting into slices or pieces, sprinkle a little chili powder and lime juice on top.
  • This will provide a flavorful snack; plus, the kick may boost this snack’s weight loss potential.

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  • Like tomatoes, you may not think of avocados as fruit.
  • But while they may look odd in a fruit bowl, avocados can be a top addition when it comes to weight loss goals.
  • After cutting a ripe fruit carefully, throw the pieces into a blender for a green smoothie.
  • The texture of the avocado creates a creamy, thicker drink, like a milkshake, and you can add in all sorts of nutritious standouts, like banana, kale, chard, and Greek yogurt.

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  • Because fruit is full of natural sugar, which translates into carbs, it’s a common myth that it can contribute to weight gain.
  • People on a low-carb diet like keto are often advised to avoid fruits like bananas.
  • There’s a reason these are such a go-to ingredient for smoothies.
  • They blend well and add that tropical flavor to any mix.
  • For added weight loss clout, throw in a small handful of nuts.

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  • In addition to another big burst of vitamin C — one cup of chunks provides 78.9 mg, or about 88 percent of the DV.
  • Even if you’re a firm no to the “pineapple on pizza” question, pineapple does pair well with savory foods and dairy.