Barbells are one of the most effective training tools on the gym floor. Most barbell movements engage a greater amount of muscle throughout the body in order to maintain balance and stability, which means you’ll burn more calories during your workout.

Plus, most of the exercises mimic movement patterns we do elsewhere in life. And unlike the guys, women tend to be more attentive to their form and technique when lifting these weights.

This total-body conditioning workout uses a variety of pushing and pulling movements that take your body through its full range of motion. Keep in mind that with any free weight, the movement is self-guided, so it’s important to get your technique down first before adding weight. And don’t push to the point of exhaustion.

Land Mine Front Squat to One-Arm Push Press:


How to:

  • Stand holding one end of barbell in right hand with opposite end in land mine attachment or secured on floor.
  • Squat down, keeping barbell end in right hand with right elbow close to body.
  • Keep weight over heels and thighs parallel to floor or just below.
  • Keep torso as upright as possible.
  • Pushing through heels, stand up in one explosive movement.
  • As you come up, extend right arm, pressing weight toward ceiling.
  • Keep abs tight, and hips and shoulders squared.
  • Lower back to squat and repeat for 12–15 reps.

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Single-Leg Deadlift:


How to:

  • Stand tall holding barbell in front of thighs in an overhand grip, feet hip-distance apart, shoulders pressed down.
  • Lift left foot off the floor, balancing on right leg.
  • Hinge forward, lowering bar to floor as you lift left leg behind you.
  • Keep bar directly under shoulders and close to shins throughout the downward phase; keep both hips facing forward.
  • Push through right leg to stand back up to start and repeat for 12–15 reps; switch sides.

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Single-Arm Land Mine Row:


How to:

  • Stand with one end of barbell in land mine attachment or secured on floor; hold opposite end in right hand in an overhand grip with body facing the bar.
  • Hinge forward from hips, lowering weight toward the floor in front of shins.
  • Keep back flat and head in line with spine.
  • From this position, pull bar toward torso with right arm, keeping right elbow close to body.
  • Hold for one count, then slowly lower bar toward floor.
  • Repeat for 12–15 reps; switch sides.

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Barbell Rollout:


How to:

  • Kneel on the floor about a foot behind a barbell set with weight plates.
  • (Place a pad under knees if necessary for comfort.)
  • Place hands on bar wider than shoulder distance.
  • Slowly roll bar forward along the floor, keeping shoulders down and abs tight.
  • Continue until body is fully extended or as far as you can without losing control.
  • Slowly roll bar back to starting position and repeat.
  • Do 12–15 reps.