Isolate biceps with fat bar gripz, perform targeted exercises to engage muscles more and build mass fast.

Fat Bar Grips – The Simple Proven Way To Get Big Biceps:

Proven Way To Get Big Biceps

We all fall for strong and sturdy arms, however hard it is to achieve this goal. Wouldn’t you love to know that you can have ripping hard arms without even stacking up more plates on the bar? Rad, right?

Fat loss and muscle gain are gradual processes, and they are hardly uniform as they progress. Some muscles are easy to tone, others may take long and hard. Biceps are one of those areas that make you sweat before they rip. However, with fat bar grips, you will not have to add weight or buy accessories that will cost you an arm and a leg.

Thick bars or fat grips are enough to give you the arms that cause envy in many hearts. Put the extra grip on the bar for your bicep/tricep exercises; that’s all you need to do. 

What Are Fat Bar Grips?

Fat Bar Grips

Fat bar Gripz is a rubber sleeve for a lifting bar. It is open on one side, so it clamps around the bar effortlessly. It is a simple accessory that offers multiple dynamic benefits to bodybuilders, weight lifters, and fitness enthusiasts. You can gain more muscles in the arms as well as strengthen your grips and clench even harder. It just increases the thickness of the bar, and that does all the wonders. 

These grips are available in different sizes. You will be wise to start with a slimmer grip and gradually increase the size after your muscles have overcome the resistance. These grip foams are compact, useful, and affordable; a perfect addition to your existing regime. 

Do Fat Grips Build Bigger Biceps?

Fat gripz are glorified everywhere in gyms these days because of all that they offer. They are loved for their simplicity and the fact that you do not have to do anything new. Just fatten the grip and get fat biceps; it’s that easy! These grips make the bar fat, increase resistance for biceps and engage them more. They are loved by some of the biggest names in the fitness world, and that adds to their fame.

When your arms muscles have higher resistance to overcome, they become stronger by default because they have to exert more to overcome added resistance. Exertion burns fat and replaces it with muscles. With more muscles in the body, you start to lose fat even 

without hitting the gym. 

Fat gripz or bars mean you are telling the grip to relax a little and let other muscles in the body do the lifting. This activates larger muscle groups in the body and speeds up muscle building. This is how your simple-looking fat gripping foam is a great transformational accessory in reality. 

Is A Fat Grip Worth It?

If you want to look super strong with your arms intimidating and causing fear and respect in hearts, you should stop looking for an easy way out. There are no shortcuts when you are aiming higher. Train hard, and increase resistance with training equipment like fat grips for stronger muscles and sturdier grip.

If you have your mindset on bigger biceps and triceps, a fat bar or fat grip accessory is the solution, and it’s worth every penny. Thicker bars mean increased difficulty level, and because your grip strength is now out of the equation, other muscle groups are activated as a result. Better prospects for increased muscle mass!

Fatter bars are great for grip strength as well because here again, we are increasing the difficulty level for grips. Your fists easily clamp around a normal bar, but they have to work harder with more thickness. This means better engagement, bigger forearms, and hand muscles. 

In addition, thicker grips reduce the chances of joint stress and pain as well. Since they activate muscles more all over the body, exercise pressure and stress are redirected to muscles. This keeps your joints safe. We can safely say that fat bar grips are every bit worth the money. 

When Should You Use Fat Grips?

Should You Use Fat Grips

It’s definitely not for starters. The fat grip is used when you are well into your muscle-building journey and have hit a training plateau. When your biceps are not responding to Weightlifting or not gaining any more muscle, this is when you need to answer with creativity, not the first day at the gym. Add gripping equipment and you are all set to engage your biceps and triceps harder.

Exercises for Bigger Biceps:

We will be talking of exercises that exclusively target biceps and triceps muscles and perform great at isolating them. 

1: Concentration Curl:

Concentration Curl

This is one of the best exercises to isolate biceps because it increases muscle engagement by leaps and bounds and focuses pressure on the biceps solely. 

It is simple, do not expect an easy ride, though. This is challenging, and especially so if you are doing it with far bar grips.

  • Sit on the edge of a bench with legs in a wide stance
  • Your exercising arm should rest on your thigh at the elbow
  • Hold a dumbbell in a way that your palms are facing you
  • You need to slowly curl up your forearm with the weight until you reach your shoulder
  • Wait and go back down
  • Use a weight that challenges you; don’t go too easy here
  • 10-15 reps are recommended but do as much as you can before you are tired
  • Repeat on the other arm

2: Cable Curl:

Cable Curl

  • Stand with your back to the cable stand in a stepping style ( one foot in front of the other)
  • Grab the handle of the exercising cable and start to stretch it towards your shoulder
  • When you reach the shoulder, stop a little before you return to the original position
  • This makes one rep
  • Repeat as many times as you can (you should feel your biceps at work)
  • Repetition is the key here

3: Barbell Curl

Barbells always remind us of deadlifts because we see them that way mostly. However, barbell curls are just as awesome to focus stress on the biceps. When a curl is done with a barbell, it isolates the muscles in your arm more, so it’s just the biceps taking the toll.

Barbell Curl

  • Stand straight with your legs in the Standard lifting position
  • Hold the barbell in your hands and stand straight
  • Keep your back and chest very still and lift the barbell with your forearms only
  • Bring it to your chest and let it down slowly
  • Your upper arms and the rest of the body should be still so only your biceps are working
  • 12- 15 resp will be great, but listen to your body and stop when too much.

4: Chinup


Chinup is a great move to strengthen your arms. You will only be able to do it when you work out regularly because lifting your weight can be a real challenge. 

  • Fix the height of the chin bar appropriately(your feet should not touch the floor when you are grabbing it)
  • Your hands should be facing your body and not the other way
  • Slowly raise your body to a point where your chest faces the bar
  • Comeback down but do not rest on the ground (straighten the body without touching the ground)
  • Repeat 10-15 times  
  • You can cross the legs to balance out

5: Tricep Kickback

Tricep Kickback

The focus is on triceps here instead of biceps.

  • Stand straight and hold dumbells in both hands
  • Bend your knees slightly and double over halfway (torso parallel to the floor)
  • Move the dumbbells to your chest and let go without stopping at the sides.
  • Keep going back as much as you can
  • Simply put, you have to stretch your arms forward and backward in a pendulum-like motion
  • Repeat 10-15 times

6: Dips


  • Stand between a special dip bar ( this move is easier at the gym)
  • Hand on the bars on both sides
  • Raise yourself (curl up) with legs bent to keep from touching the ground
  • Keep going up and down in a dipping fashion
  • Your elbows will bend when you go down and straighten when you go up
  • Repeat as many times as you can
  • 10–15 reps are suggested

7: Overhead Extension

Overhead Extension

You have two ways to do this: do it standing or use a bench. Your triceps are equally engaged despite the type of extension you choose.

  • Stand in a stepping fashion with one foot in front of the other or sit on a bench with one on each side
  • Raise a dumbbell with both your hands above your head
  • Now bend your elbows to 90 degrees
  • Dumbell should be just behind your neck, and a little below
  • Do not use heavy weights the very first time
  • Start with smaller weights and gradually increase.
  • 10-15 reps should be enough or until you feel your triceps engaged

All of these exercises are perfect for your arms muscles, and you can do even better with fat bar grips for increased muscle engagement.

How To Choose The Best Fat Grips For You?

.Fat bar grips are ideal for those who have reached their lifting limits but still want bigger arms! If you can’t lift more without hurting yourself, how will you work your arm muscles? The answer is in fat bar grips that will thicken the bar, and offer more challenge. Your arms muscles will be deployed heavily, lifting the same weights they were doing before. This extra work will mean extra muscle in your arms.

Choose the rugged and anti-slip DMoose fat bar grips to increase muscle engagement without even adding more weight to the bar. You would not want to have a grip that slips! The bar grips are made from high-quality rubber, so they do not compress under pressure. 

They come with a slit on the side to fit the bars smoothly. They should be easy to open and fit any bar of your choice. They are perfect for grip training for they don’t move under your hands and are crucial for muscle strength because your arms muscles are engaged more.

Always check dimensions when you are buying online. The grips should fit standard bars everywhere. The diameter and the outer roundness should be perfect for you or you will have a problem gripping it. 

On top of these amazing qualities, fat bar grips are perfectly priced too. You can buy them for next to nothing. They last long and help you fulfill your dreams of formidable arms. 

Bottom Line 

Sometimes, a little bit extra goes a long way, and this is certainly true when it comes to fat bar grips. With just a bit of padding on the bar, you are in for multiple benefits. The thicker grip that a fat bar offers activates muscles all over the body more, strengthens your forearms and challenges the grip even harder. 

You just need to isolate your biceps and triceps with some exclusively focused exercises and a thick foam on the bar to have massive arms bulging out of the shirt sleeves sooner than you ever expected.


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