A clean diet and a low body fat percentage are ultimately what will give you the right platform for a well-chiselled physique. By adding in some weight to your ab training, you’ll be giving your body the stimulus it needs to adapt and grow – so you can start seeing some real results.

One of the easiest ways to train your abs is by using free weights. Do 3 sessions a week, alternating between workouts A and B with a day of rest in between. Perform the moves as a circuit. Do each exercise for 60 sec then move onto the next with just 30 sec rest between each exercise.

Do up to 6 circuits, taking a 60 sec break between each. In your third and final week, combine both workouts into one big circuit. Follow the same work-to-rest ratio, doing up to 3 of these mega circuits per workout, 3 times a week.

Six Pack Workout A: Your 45 minute fat-fryer:

Dumbbell good morning to front squat:

Dumbbell good morning to front squat

How to:

  • Hold a dumbbell as shown and bend at the hips.
  • Hold for 2 sec.
  • Return, then immediately squat.
  • Hold.
  • Repeat as required.

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Dumbbell hip raise and floor press:

Dumbbell hip raise and floor press

How to:

  • With knees bent and feet flat, drive through your heels to raise your hips and press the weights.
  • Hold for 2 sec.
  • Return.
  • Exhale sharply at the top to work those abs.
  • Repeat as required.

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Neutral grip dumbbell row to clean:

Neutral grip dumbbell row to clean

How to:

  • Bend at the hips and let the weights hang.
  • Row them to your sides.
  • Hold for 2 sec, lower and repeat.
  • Now straighten up and quickly clean the weights.
  • Two more to go.

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Dumbbell forward hinge to lunge:

Dumbbell forward hinge to lunge

How to:

  • Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, step forward with your right leg and lower the weight.
  • Stand up, step out to the left and lower the weight to your left foot.
  • This will build flexibility too.
  • Switch legs after 30 sec.
  • Now shake them off and move on.

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Mud run press up crawl:

Mud run press up crawl

How to:

  • In a press up position, lower your chest until it’s inches off the floor.
  • This forces your abs to hold your body steady.
  • Move your right hand forward.
  • Then your left and continue crawling for the allotted minute.

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Six Pack Workout B: Your abdominal shred:

Suitcase deadlift to sumo deadlift:

Suitcase deadlift to sumo deadlift

How to:

  • Squat as far as you can.
  • Keeping your back straight; pause for 2 sec and stand back up.
  • Now step out so your feet are twice shoulder width and lower the dumbbells between your legs.
  • Get up; repeat.

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Dumbbell row to high pull:

Dumbbell row to high pull

How to:

  • Lower your torso and pull the weights to your chest.
  • Lower and repeat.
  • Stand up and pull the weights up high.

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Hand to hand staggered hip hinge:

Hand to hand staggered hip hinge

How to:

  • Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, left foot forward.
  • Bend your hips and pass the weight to your left.
  • Straighten and repeat the other way.
  • The ‘catch’ forces your core into action.
  • Switch legs after 30 sec.

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Modified handstand and shoulder tap:

Modified handstand and shoulder tap

How to:

  • In a pike position, as shown.
  • Slowly raise your hand to touch your left shoulder.
  • Now your right.
  • If the sweat isn’t rolling off your nose, work harder.