Exercising on regular basis is not only beneficial for your physical health but also give you peace of mind. Might you not have time to hit the gym? Or to take yoga classes? Or follow some online exercising classes?

But we are sure you can take out just 10 minutes a day for yourself? You must be wondering what good an exercise of 10 minutes will do to your body? Well, do a plank exercise and find out!

What is A Plank Exercise?

It is a specific type of exercise which aims to enhance your body strength, equilibrium, and endurance. It does so by primarily targeting the core muscles and the muscles of the entire body (back, pelvis, arms etc) as well. The plus point is that it requires no extra equipment which makes it feasible for you to perform it anytime you like.

The name “plank” comes from the posture that is attained in this exercise. You straighten up your body from head to heels just like a plank of wood!

1. Straight Arm Plank:

Muscles involved

  • Abdomen: Rectus abdominis (outer abs), transversus abdominis (inner abs), oblique muscles in the waist (side abs).
  • Muscles of legs, arms, shoulders, and back are also involved.

How to:

  • The pose of this plank is similar to that of a push-up.
  • Spread your hands directly under your shoulder.
  • Now come up on your toes with abs contracted and legs straightened to lift your body so that you are in a straight line from head to heels.
  • Hold up for some seconds and then lower down slowly.

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2. Plank with Arm Leg Lift:

Muscles involved

  • Muscles of upper back, chest, sides, core as well as glutes are involved in this type of plank.

How to:

  • Come up in the position similar to that of straight arm plank.
  • Your next step is bracing your abs and contracting your gluteus muscles (glutes).
  • Spread your feet in a manner that they are more than shoulders width apart.
  • Now lift your one arm (left) and opposite leg (right) and hold for some seconds.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat with opposite side.

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3. Side Plank:

Muscles involved

  • Abdominal and back muscles:  Transversus Abdominis, Rectus Abdominis, Obliques (external and internal) and Quadratus Lumborum.
  • Hip and inner thigh: Gluteus medius, Gluteus Minimus, Adductor Muscles.

How to:

  • After getting in the straight arm plank position, press your right hand against the floor along with turning your body in that direction.
  • It should be done in a manner that your weight is lifted by the outer edge of your right foot.
  • Don’t forget to stack your left foot on top and extend your left arm with fingers pointing towards the sky.
  • Tighten up your abs and contract your entire core.
  • Now hold on for several seconds and then switch sides (this is 1 rep).
  • Complete 3 reps.
  • Side plank is one of the best exercises to reduce belly fat.

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4. Plank Jacks:

Want to involve your abs more? Add a jumping jack in your straight arm plank!

Muscles involved

  • Calves (gastrocnemius and soleus muscles),
  • Hip Adductors ( used for bringing thighs together ),
  • Shoulder Abductors (Shoulder Muscles required to take hands away from the body),
  • Shoulder Adductors (Shoulder Muscles required to bring hands towards the body ) and
  • Core Muscles

How to:

  • Bring your body in a straight line.
  • Once you are comfortable in this posture jump your legs open followed by bringing them back together.

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5. Side Plank Crunch:

Muscles involved

  • Abdominal and back muscles: Transversus Abdominis, Rectus Abdominis, Obliques (external and internal) and Quadratus Lumborum.
  • Hip and inner thigh: Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus, Adductor Muscles.
  • Muscles of arms are also worked up.

How to:

  • You have to form a diagonal line from head to heels.
  • For that, lie on your left side with left hand on floor right under left shoulder.
  • Your right fingers should be behind your head.
  • To position your feet, let the inside of the right footrest in front of left foot.
  • Make sure your abs are tight, lift your body with the help of left hand and crunch forward as well as down.
  • Get back to starting position.
  • Complete 10 reps and switch sides.

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6. One Legged Plank:

Muscles involved

  • It is great to build up your core.
  • Rectus Abdominis and lower back are the primary muscles involved
  • Quadriceps,
  • Hamstrings,
  • Glutes,
  • Trapezius and
  • Obliques

How to:

  • This one is simple. Get in the straight arm plank and lift your right leg-holding this posture for few seconds.
  • Lower down slowly and repeat with opposite leg.
  • This makes 1 rep.
  • Complete 9 more.

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7. Side Plank with Inner Thigh Raise:

Muscles involved

  • Transverse Abdominus,
  • Gluteus Medius,
  • Internal and External Obliques,
  • Adductors

How to:

  • Form the side plank on your right side.
  • Keep your core engaged, hips lifted up and both feet on the floor.
  • After placing your right foot in front of the left one; lift and straighten your left arm.
  • Move up your right leg high followed by returning it to the floor.
  • Repeat with the other side.