Once You Go Natural You Never Go Back

Peanut Butter LEFT or RIGHT? ☺?? once you go natural you never go back?? ⠀ If you have never tried a completely natural peanut butter and usually stick to the branded Skippy or Reese, then why not give natural a try. It’s completely different, but in a good way? I love that that there seem to be more natural food

Make Your Whole Body Grow With Back Squat

It’s a big move with big benefits, but before you start shifting big weight make sure you’re ready with our comprehensive guide. The back squat is one of the finest muscle-builders out there, taking centre stage in the training plans of pro bodybuilders, powerlifters, Olympic lifters, footballers and rugby players. There’s really no reason not to include it in your

How To: Wrist Curl Behind Back

Standing Wrist Curl Behind Back Instructions Begin the exercise by selecting a barbell weight and holding it behind your back using an underhand grip (palms facing out). Your hands should be placed around shoulder width apart. Stand straight up with your feet shoulder width apart and look straight forward. Bending only at the wrists, let the barbell drop as far as

Supine Pelvic Tilts Step-by-Step Guide

Pelvic tilts are an exercise comprised of very subtle spinal movements that strengthen the support muscles around the low back, particularly the abdominals. They are a good preliminary exercise for those seeking low back pain relief, and they feel great because they give your back a little massage. They can be done lying on the floor or standing with the back to a

CHEST – Cable Crossovers

1. First pin the cable height to the highest position then pin a suitable lifting weight. One at a time, grab the cable handles and position yourself in the centre of the cable rack, just forward of the rack line and pulley lever. 2. Your arms will be outstretched, you should have a small forward bend from the waist and your

Chest – Flat Dumbbell Fly

1. Take position, sitting at the front end of a flat bench with your feet on the floor and the dumbbells upright on the thigh muscle just above your knee cap. This means the palms are facing each other. 2. Keeping the dumbbells on the thighs, rock back into the lying position with dumbbells at the sides of shoulders. (This practice

Good Morning With Barbell

The barbell good morning is a serious posterior chain movement. If your goals involve getting stronger or attaining a more aesthetically glutes, then the good morning is a lift you need to be doing. Anybody who is looking for serious back, glute, and hamstring development should have the good morning in their training routine. For bodybuilders, the good morning will

Dumbbell Shrugs

Shoulder shrugs target your upper trapezius muscles, also known as the traps. Located on your upper back and across the back of your shoulders, big, strong traps can be useful in contact sports such as wrestling, football, hockey, boxing and rugby as they provide essential support for your neck, which is an important factor for injury prevention. From an aesthetic

EZ Bar Reverse Curl

How To Perform A Reverse Curl When performing a reverse curl you can either use an EZ curl bar or a straight barbell like an Olympic bar. Don’t go in thinking that you can lift a similar weight to what you can with an underhand grip, the short answer is: you can’t. Start with around half of the weight that