Training with kettlebells is a really effective way to build power and burn serious calories at the gym. Kettlebell workouts are some of the most efficient, effective ways to sculpt a strong physique. Instead of isolating muscle groups like you do when lifting dumbbells, you work all your major muscle groups at once with a kettlebell.

That’s because the weight isn’t evenly distributed, so you have to work continuously to control the bell’s shifting centre of gravity. Kettlebell training is one of the best ways to burn calories and strengthen your entire body, especially when you’re pressed for time.

On two or three non-consecutive days a week, perform each move in order, resting no more than 30 to 60 seconds between each exercise. Have more than 20 minutes to spare? Repeat the entire circuit again once, resting 1 to 2 minutes in between.

1. Turkish Get-Up With Kettlebell

How to:

  • Lie on back with left knee bent, right leg extended.
  • Left-arm is extended by side with the palm facing down.
  • Hold a kettlebell in your right hand with your arm extended toward the ceiling.
  • Engage core and use the left hand to sit up, first moving to left forearm then pressing up to left palm, while keeping right arm extended overhead.
  • Push hips off ground using the left arm and right leg, keeping left leg extended.
  • In a quick, controlled movement, swing left leg under body into a half-kneeling position with right foot forward and left knee on the ground.
  • Keep your right arm extended overhead as you outstretch your left arm at shoulder height.
  • Stand up, stepping left foot next to right, while keeping right arm overhead and left arm outstretched.
  • Reverse the sequence to starting position and switch the kettlebell to the left hand to repeat on the opposite side.
  • Continue alternating sides.
  • Sets: 1 to 2 Reps: 16 to 20

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2. Russian Kettlebell Swing

How to:

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, grabbing the kettlebell handle with both hands in an overhand grip.
  • Keeping core engaged, hinge at hips, draw kettlebell between legs, and bend knees slightly.
  • Thrust hips forward, generating power from the lower body to draw kettlebell to shoulder height, bell facing away from the body.
  • Hinge at hips once again and repeat sequence, moving as quickly as possible yet careful to maintain proper form.
  • Sets: 1 to 2 Reps: 16 to 20

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3. Kettlebell Goblet Squat

How to:

  • Hold the kettlebell with both hands at chest height, standing with feet just slightly wider than hip-width apart, toes turned slightly out.
  • Hinge at hips and bend knees lowering to a squat, keeping chest lifted.
  • Reverse the movement and repeat.
  • Sets: 16 to 20 Reps: 1 to 2

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4. Alternating Single-Arm Clean and Press

How to:

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart and grab the kettlebell with the right hand in an overhand grip.
  • Perform a single-arm swing, hinging hips and drawing kettlebell back between legs.
  • Thrust hips forward, generating power from the lower body to raise kettlebell up to shoulder height for a “clean,” bending right elbow in close by side and rotating palm in with thumb facing toward body and kettlebell rotating to back of the forearm.
  • Allow left arm to outstretch in front of the body at shoulder height.
  • Extend right arm overhead in line with shoulder, turning palm away from the body as you perform a press with the kettlebell, keeping left arm outstretched at shoulder height.
  • Reverse the movement and return to starting position and repeat, switching arms on the next rep by quickly transferring the kettlebell to the left hand when raised to shoulder height.
  • Continuing alternating sides.
  • Sets: 1 to 2 Reps: 16 to 20

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5. Kettlebell Deadlift

How to:

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, kettlebell positioned on ground between feet.
  • Hinge at hips.
  • Maintain a neutral spine as hips push back and knees bend slightly to grab the handle of the kettlebell.
  • Engage glutes and with control, rise up to a standing position, keeping core engaged and kettlebell close to the body.
  • Reverse movement and repeat.
  • Sets: 1 to 2 Reps: 16 to 20

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6. Single-Arm Kettlebell Row

How to:

  • Stand in a split stance with right foot forward and left foot back, holding a kettlebell in the extended left arm with right palm resting atop a chair or bench.
  • Hinge at hips and bend right knee slightly.
  • Keeping core engaged and shoulder and hips squared toward the ground, draw left elbow back, keeping it close to the body as left-hand draws in line with the chest.
  • Re-extend left arm and repeat, completing 12 to 16 reps on left before switching sides and repeating.
  • Sets: 1 to 2 Reps: 12 to 16

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7. Kettlebell Russian Twists

How to:

  • Sit on the mat with knees bent, holding a kettlebell with both hands in front of the chest.
  • Lift feet off floor, drawing shins parallel with mat.
  • Keeping core engaged and spine elongated, rotate torso to the left.
  • Reverse the movement, returning back to starting position for one rep.
  • Rotate to the right side for second rep, keeping kettlebell positioned in front of the chest.
  • Continue alternating sides.
  • Sets: 1 to 2 Reps: 16 to 20