Whether you’re just beginning your weight loss journey or you’re trying to drop those last five pounds, getting rid of excess body fat can be a challenge even if you don’t have added stress. Trainers know the key to sculpting a lean, chiseled physique: consistency. You need to push your limits a few times a week, every week, with workouts that intensify as you grow stronger.

The best way to build mental stamina is to grind through the aerobic red zone a couple of times a week. It’s also a mega way to burn through calories. Set aside 30 minutes and work through this gruelling circuit, attempting to rip through the maximum calories, metres and reps each time.

Gulp down as much oxygen as possible in your rest minutes – you’ll need it…Without using any weights, you’ll be done in just 30 minutes!


Perform: 7 sets of 60sec, No rest

air bike

How to:

  • Set the seat at hip height and climb on.
  • Stand up for the first couple of pedals and use your weight to get the fan moving fast and your calorie burn up to speed.
  • Sit back in the saddle and pump your arms and legs in unison to generate as much power as possible.

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Rowing machine:

Perform: 7 sets of 60sec, no rest

Rowing machine

How to:

  • That will have hurt, but jump off the bike and try to strap into the rower while the wheels are still turning.
  • With your legs bent, sit up tall with your arms outstretched.
  • Push off and straighten your legs and extend slightly through your lower back as you pull the handle to your chest.
  • Return and repeat.
  • Lots.

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Perform: 7 sets of 60sec, 60sec rest


How to:

  • Be brave, now.
  • You have a rest coming up.
  • From standing, kick your legs back behind you and drop your chest to the floor.
  • Jump your legs back in and push all the way up into a jump, clapping your hands above your head as you do.
  • Dig deep and push for the full minute.