Do you ever find yourself driving on a busy road and getting stuck in traffic because of cars clogging up after an accident? If you live in a country where traffic rules do not get strongly imposed, perhaps this is something you experience every other day. Sadly, road mishaps remain one of the leading global issues. However, it does not mean that this problem got left unattended. Nations worldwide came together by implementing effective regimes to regulate better traffic streaming. These tactics include making drivers pay for their careless or deliberate negligence on the road by charging them hefty sums as speeding tickets.

There is no doubt in the fact that these regimes prove to lower the probability of collisions. However, some roads and highways remain as red zones where traffic congestion and accidents are more commonplace. When talking about the United States specifically, common routes that exist to be the most overcrowded include Houston’s Southwest Freeway, Eastex Freeway, and the Dallas’ Woodall Rodgers Freeway.

Let us now examine some frequently seen automobile accidents in the US before discussing what to do when you fall a witness to any of them. These damages include whiplash injury, lower back pain, disc herniation, and spinal dysfunction. Perhaps the scariest aspect of these accidents is that their likelihood can never only rely on common factors like the height or age of the person driving the vehicle.

Anyone and everyone can suffer from the ailments mentioned above just because of one slip on the driver’s part. Another assumption is that people believe taller people are more prone to suffering from back injuries. Perhaps this notion is false, and instead of relying on baseless facts, we must thoroughly examine the actual reasons that statistically raise the chances of casualties. Continue reading further for a comprehensive understanding of the several automobile accidents and a guide to treating them by a professional accident doctor. 

To begin with, disc slips and whiplash accidents usually have a lot to do with damaged nerve endings and ruptured muscles and joints. Often, patients experience a tingling or numbing sensation all over the body or around the neck area a few hours or a couple of days after the accident. Therefore, to save ourselves from such mishaps, let us understand why such accidents occur.

Whiplash Accidents in the States

The cause behind whiplash accidents, whether you live in the States or elsewhere, is the sudden jerk felt around the neck because of a sudden collision at the accident site. The sudden hit damages the cervical spine and causes severe attacks of chronic pain to the victim.

Studies conducted on inanimate objects like dummies in the department concerning neurology in San Antonio further investigated the scientific factors behind the random onslaughts of discomfort. It got found that at an accident scene, bones found in the lower portions of the spine get compressed in a state called hyperextension. On the other hand, the ones in the upper regions face what we now know as a condition called hyperflex. Since this position is not how the spinal cord should be, it forms an unnatural S-shape and stretches the ligaments that keep the spinal vertebrae in place to the extent that they get torn.

Statistics show that about 3 million Americans annually suffer at the hands of car accident injuries, and around 1.5 suffer from some post-accident trauma. It includes intermittent pain surges, and about 300,000 people get disabled. These statistics are an excellent example of how the human body is a marvel but is also prone to damage. A study by The National Transportation Safety Board suggests that you see a car accident occurs every 10 seconds in the United States and amounts to almost 2 million injuries penned down in a year.

Perhaps what is surprising is that most of these mishaps are whiplash injuries. And another interesting fact is that a whiplash accident can potentially occur even below 12 miles per hour because other factors further get highlighted.

So what is the Culprit behind Whiplash Injury?

Car accident doctors agree on the following reasons to be the governing factors for automobile accidents.


Overspeeding might not be the only reason for whiplash accidents, but it is one of the most pronounced causes that lead to it. Often, it leads to carelessness on the driver’s end, where he has a greater tendency to make mistakes that he could otherwise avoid. Surpassing speed limits, especially for beginner drivers, can seriously increase the chances of damage. Overspeeding is common on highways, especially where speed breakers are rare, and most roads have blind turnings. Keeping a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle before you can help overcome this problem. Other solutions include, for instance, putting up an ‘L’ on your car if you are a newbie on the road and giving indicators before turnings.

Car design

Vehicle design carries the possibility of increasing road accidents by up to 30%. Some automobiles get constructed a way where the headrest is excessively high or low. The disproportion increases the chances of whiplash injury because of the pressure released on the tendons in the neck.

Social Factors


Older people have slower reflexes, so their tendency to get into an accident also goes higher. It is a known fact that when humans reach old age, their muscles and tissues start to lose the strength they once had. The body becomes frailer, and the flexibility of joints decreases along with its ability to respond to sudden stimuli. Recovery time also increases become weak ligaments require more time to heal.


Perhaps it is unfortunate that women and children are more prone to suffer from accidents, unlike men. It is not because of lack of skill or competence, but because they naturally have shorter stature. Seatbelts do not fit them as they should, and they remain fastened quite loosely, putting them at a greater risk. They mostly have to pull their seat closer to the wheel, and it puts their face at a threateningly close range to the wheel.


If you live anywhere in the south of Mexico in the United States in San Antonio, you need not worry in the case of a similar accident. Pediatric therapy in the States caters to children, as well, so it has your entire family covered. Effective treatment regimens for both whiplash and spinal disc slips help to speed recovery processes. It is a living example to show that treatment should include all ages and be fun for all.

So what is the wait about? Head to your nearest accident injury doctor and get yourself treated by top-notch specialists and chiropractors. Experts in post-accident trauma clinics are at your disposal to help you achieve all your recovery goals because who does not want to be up and running as soon as possible.

Last Thoughts

What we must all take away from this is that it is never too late to get up on your feet and live life the way you have always wanted to. It is just a matter of time and patience till things start to normalize again!