If you can’t make it to the gym or don’t have a gym membership then these 2 body weight workout plans are exactly what you need to help you get in shape! Both are designed to help lose fat and tone up. These plans are great for beginners and can even be adjusted with small weights once the technique is mastered.

The following workout plans are two great workouts for beginners who are either just starting their fitness journey or simply don’t have the time or resources to make it to the gym to lift weights.

If you’re just beginning, I would recommend you start with the first circuit. It is meant to be a workout plan, so you should take minimal rest from exercise to exercise, but you should still take your time and also know your own capabilities.

After you’ve completed a round from either workout, rest for 90 seconds before starting the workout over again. When performing this plan, take one day of rest in between each session. Ideally, you should perform one of the two workouts 3-4 times per week.

Use your off days to do a lower intensity form of exercise for example: taking a walk or jog. If you’d like to increase your calorie expenditure further, you could also perform a HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine such as sprinting on days you perform your circuits.

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With each workout, try to add an additional rep to each exercise for all 3 rounds. Once you are able to do all 3 rounds for 15 reps, add an additional round, bring the rep counts back to ten reps per exercise and repeat the process. Once you’re able to do 6 rounds with 15 reps per exercise, move on to workout 2 and progress the same way.

The second workout can be used as a progression depending on your experience level. For example, if you’re in the process of progressing to workout 2 (or workout 1 is way too easy), you could perform workout 1 one day and workout 2 the next, until you feel you’re able to do workout 2 for each of your workout days.

Once you’re capable of performing 6 rounds of 15 reps for each exercise on workout 2, it will be time to add weight or find more challenging calisthenic workouts you can do from home.

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Workout 1:

1. Bodyweight Squats3-6 sets10-15 reps
2. Pushups3-6 sets10-15 reps
3. Bodyweight Lunge3-6 sets10-15 reps
4. Chin Up or Resistance Band Pulldown3-6 sets10-15 reps
5. Glute Kick Back3-6 sets10-15 reps
6. Tricep Bench Dip3-6 sets10-15 reps


Workout 2:

1. Bodyweight Squat Jumps3-6 sets10-15 reps
2. 1 Leg Pushups3-6 sets10-15 reps
3. Jumping Lunge3-6 sets10-15 reps
4. Pull Up3-6 sets10-15 reps
5. Burpees3-6 sets10-15 reps
6. Glute Bridge or “Frog Pumps”3-6 sets10-15 reps
7. Lying Back Extensions3-6 sets10-15 reps