Everyone is looking for a flat belly with sleek-looking abs. So if you’re looking to lose belly pooch and tone, this 14-day abs challenge is for you. Anyone can follow this core challenge, it’s that easy yet beneficial. There are only three moves you must do each day, and the only thing that changes over the two weeks is the number of repetitions.

Since this abs challenge lasts only two weeks, your expectations shouldn’t be too high. Of course, you’ll engage and strengthen your abs, burn off a few hundred calories daily, but you won’t have a total body transformation in just 14 days.

You can extend this challenge to more than 14 days and make it a part of your daily workout routine. But sticking to the first two weeks is crucial in forming a new, healthy habit. You’ll start with 10 crunches, 20 twists, and 20 seconds plank.

Then you’ll increase the number of repetitions gradually until the last day of the challenge when you’ll have to perform 40 crunches, 50 twists, and 90 seconds plank.

The Workout Plan:


You don’t need any fitness equipment at all to do this abdominal challenge, except for a yoga mat maybe. Anyway, there’s no excuse not to follow this simple challenge. If you want to triple your results, feel free to finish 3 sets each day. This way you’ll get close to that pooch-free belly much faster.

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1. Jackknife Crunches

How to:

  • Lie flat on the floor or on a mat with your legs and arms fully extended.
  • This is the start position.
  • Raise your legs engaging your lower abs.
  • At the same time, bend at the waist and touch your legs with the arms.
  • Return to starting position to complete a Jackknife crunch.
  • This ab exercise can be performed by both beginners and advanced.
  • So make sure to watch the instructions in the video below for both variations.

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2. Russian Twists

How to:

  • Sit down on a mat with your knees bent and feet flat.
  • Grab a dumbbell, or kettlebell, or any weighted object (even a bottle of water) and hold it with both hands at the chest level.
  • Now twist your torso to your left, then to your right to complete a rep.
  • Repeat as many times as needed.
  • This ab exercise engages the obliques and it’s a great add-on to the Jackknife crunches.

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3. Plank

How to:

  • Don’t arch your back, keep your look ahead, and squeeze your abs during the entire time you’re planking.
  • You can get the abs you want with this abs challenge.

Just make sure you don’t rely on it alone. Pack it with a nutritious diet and a daily cardio session. So the best way to lose belly pooch and get rock solid abs is to follow this 14-day abs challenge (and even extend it for more than two weeks) along with an effective weight loss diet and a regular cardio session.